Shades ProTech

Shades ProTech


Solid Surface Protection is a fluid for cleaning and sealing non absorbent surfaces like Plantation Shutters, aluminium venetian blinds, wood venetian blinds etc.

Treated surfaces get protected and cleaned in one step. Simply apply and spray SHADES PROTECH on the surface and wipe with a microfiber cloth for the best results.


Protects all kinds of fabrics, even for silk or sturdy cotton. Protection against dust, fluids (such as oil and grease), and stains. It is totally invisible, and because it’s water based it can be applied to any fabric without fear of damage. Apply SHADES PROTECH with a pump spray at a distance of approx. 15 cm. Saturate the fabric for the best result.

How does it work?

Nano particles enter the open pores and encapsulate each single fibre. In the case of textiles, the material is left feeling softer to touch.

When the coating has been applied, dirt particles and fluids can no longer touch the surface of the material. Instead, they touch the nano coating.

Fluids simply ‘bead-up’ on the surface of the material. For dirt and dust, the particles cannot adhere to the material, so they simply wipe or wash off.

Materials become anti-static, and the material colour becomes richer due to the way light penetrates the nano coating.

For fabric weavers

Are you a textile producer?

Contact us to discuss how we can integrate Shades Protech directly into your production line. Add more value to your products! We welcome any trial of our product!

Teflon – P.T.F.E. (polytetrafluroethylene)

Teflon is part of the PFC (perfluorochemical) family. The PFC family is characterized by chains of carbon atoms of varying lengths, to which fluorine atoms are strongly bonded, yielding essentially indestructible chemicals that until recently were thought to be biologically inert. The longer the chain of carbon atoms, the better the compound sticks to surfaces. The problem is, these fluorocarbons have been showing up in polar bears, dolphins, baby eagles, tap water and human blood. These chemicals do not break down in nature.

Other Fluoro Carbons

Many commercially useful fluorocarbons contain hydrogen, chlorine, or bromine Stain. Despite the presence of some natural fluorocarbons such as tetrafluoromethane, which has been reported in rocks, man-made fluorocarbons are potent greenhouse gases, and therefore damaging to the environment. These chemicals never break down, and are polluting our planet, though most of us are unaware of it.

Read this interesting article for a thought provoking read.

In addition, fluorocarbons do not adhere to cottons very well, and often coating manufacturers will employee other chemicals to help adhesion.

Other Nano Coatings

Many other Nano Coatings employee the use of PFCs and metals such as silver and titanium. Not only do these coatings cost more, they can in fact be equally as damaging to the environment as PFCs.

In addition….

PFC coating are expensive to produce, and expensive to coat. Shade Protech is relatively inexpensive, and simple to coat, due to it’s non-toxic, non-hazardous composition.

It can be artificially dried quickly.

Our lab is currently working with a number of textile producers to integrate Shades Protech into their production line. Could yours be next?