PVC Eco Shutters

PVC Eco Shutters


The Eco Shutter product is manufactured from PVC with an aluminum core. The shutters are painted for a soft and superior UV resistant finish, and can be used in any wet room or pool area without risk of degradation.


ECO Shutters are available in Full Height, Cafe style and even Tier-On-Tier.
We can also produce linear shapes such as triangles. Please contact us if you have any questions about the specification.


4 standard frames are currently available for the ECO shutter range. These frames are suitable for most applications. ECO shutter profiles wholesale is also available from Mano, please contact us for further details

Strong and Durable


ECO shutters are water resistant and ideal for wet areas and pools. They can even be placed inside a shower. You have the option of choosing Stainless Steel hinges for the ultimate in waterproof window coverings.


Your ECO Shutters will go on for a long time. They are not susceptible to damage like natural woods. It is not flimsy or easily breakable. ECO shutters will not warp, twist or split. The automotive grade polyurethane topcoat is resistant to  UV rays for the long term, and not noticeably fade less then 2% over 10 years.


You won’t have to do anything to maintain your shutters, just give them a clean once in a while. Simply wipe over with a damp cloth to keep your ECO shutters looking great. Treat your shutters with SHADE PROTECH for the ultimate Nano technology coating that will make cleaning even easier.


PVC products help to kerb this demand, and make make us less dependable on timber products. 100% RECYCLABLE

All of the components used in our ECO shutters are recyclable. The shutters consist of PVC profiles, aluminium cores and steel hardware. Even the packaging is recyclable.


Did you know that PVC is a thermoplastic made of 57% chlorine (derived from industrial grade SALT) and 43% carbon (derived predominantly from oil / gas via ethylene). It is less dependent than other polymers on crude oil or natural gas, which are nonrenewable, and hence can be regarded as a natural resource saving plastic.


There are no looped cords or chains with this product. Also, ECO shutters are flame retardant, and when set on fire the flames go out as the fire source is removed due to the material’s self-extinguishing properties.

Colour Range


Choose from any of our standard painted colours at no extra cost. We have a range of whites and creams to compliment most decoration.


White shutters are considered to be the classic style for any room, however, more and more customers are looking to be more creative with their shutters, and we are selling lots of creams, greens and even glossy blacks! Any colour can be achieved with this product.



The measuring process for plantation shutters is the most critical stage of ordering. Mano dealers have experience in measuring all types and shapes of windows, and they can advise on the best solution for you.


We always recommend that you employ an experienced Plantation Shutter fitter to install your shutters. By choosing a Mano dealer, you can be sure that the necessary training has been undertaken, and that they understand all of the necessary adjustments to make to ensure your shutters works perfectly.


Mano aims to achieve the highest level of service for its dealers, and in turn to the end user. We understand that a good retailer can make the buying experience pure joy, and so we only work with pleasant and professional dealers to ensure you receive the best buying experience.