Basswood Shutters

Basswood Shutters


The Tiglio Product is manufactured from 100% FAS1F Grade Basswood. We do not mix Tiglio shutters with any other wood. Painted shutters are produced using laminated finger-jointed basswood, and Stained shutters are produced using unjoined timber. All panels are constructed using either mortice and tenon joints or Dowel Joints, then locked in place with 100mm 8G Bugle Screws for superior strength.


We offer a wide variety of finishing options to guarantee a look to match any room. You can choose your preferred colour, frame type, louvre size, and tilt rod to suit your taste. Your local MANO retailer will be pleased to help you make the right choice.


Choose from café style, tier-on-tier, or full height wooden shutters. We offer made-to-measure solutions and always provide the best suggestions for your windows. We can produce custom made angled shuttered for bay windows and special shapes.

Solid Shutters


This is the perfect solution where road noise is an issue, and also in areas where security is important. The slightly raised curve provides a soft elegance to the room. This style of solid panel looks great as replacement panels in Victorian house windows.


The shaker style has been designed to blend with other shaker style features in your home. Ideal for kitchens, bedrooms and lounges.


The Solid Base window shutter combines both benefits of solid and standard louvered shutters. This style of panel is particularly suitable for room dividers.

Shapes and Styles


The cafe style shutter is perfect for rooms where light is not an issue. Cafe Style plantation shutters are good at giving privacy from passers-by, whilst allowing daylight to pass through the uncovered section of window.


To have full control over light and privacy at the same time, the Tier-On-Tier Wooden shutter is ideal. You can have privacy on the bottom section of window, and light control at the top. Shutters can be opened up completely as desired.


This is the most popular style of plantation shutter. The shutter covers the full height of the window. Full height shutters offer excellent control over light and privacy.

Fitting Service


The measuring process for plantation shutters is the most critcial stage of ordering. Mano have experience in measuring all types and shapes of windows, and they can advise on the best solution for you.


We always recommend that you employ an experienced Plantation Shutter fitter to install your shutters. By choosing Mano, you can be sure that the necessary training has been undertaken, and that they understand all of the necessary adjustments to make to ensure your shutters works perfectly.


Mano aims to achieve the highest level of service for its Retailers, and in turn to the end user. We understand that a good retailer can make the buying experience pure joy, and so we only work with pleasant and professional business’s to ensure you receive the best buying experience.